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Gale's Lodge has been in operation for a little over a year now. In the year it's been open, we've assisted seven veterans secure stable housing. Currently there are four program participants at the Lodge and the Lodge host.The goal this year is to assist eleven to thirteen veterans. COVID-19 drastically slowed the progress of several program participants. It also prevented us from moving new veterans in for a significant period of time. As of August 1st we are allowing new program participants to move in with certain protocols in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the Lodge. We expect in the near future to have new program participants at the Lodge.
The Lodge and surrounding area have seen some improvements. Western interlock donated pavers and material, while Alex Peterson donated his time and dump truck to haul gravel necessary for the project. The Knights of Columbus donated their time and skills to install the pavers and complete a nice outdoor area for the current and future program participants of Gale's Lodge to enjoy while they are at the Lodge.
Several of the current program participants at the Lodge decided to undertake the project of completing the gazebo. It should be done by the end of August.
The meal train is still operational, with some minor changes to reduce the risk for both guests and volunteers. A link is attached to the Meal Train site for those who wish to participate.