Administrative Assistant


Julie is the administrative assistant at DUMC- she regularly keeps Quinton and John out of trouble! She worked at Shriner's Hospital in Portland, and is still involved in their works. She lived in Chicago for 15 years before moving back to Oregon, where she was born and raised. Presently, Julie keeps busy by helping her son with the best job ever- taking care of her granddaughter, Morgan! 


Julie participated in Peace Village for 11 years. Her work with Peace Village inspired her to continue efforts of awareness surrounding diversity issues, as well as mediation practices. Hopefully, we will bring Peace Village to Dallas UMC in the future!


Julie's responsibilities include:

-creating the Powerline

-creating the weekly service bulletin

-keeping up church email and like accounts

-managing church social media (Facebook, etc.)

-payroll management

-care, reception, and communication within church office

-keeping the pastor out of trouble


Julie loves working with children, sewing, going to the barn, and hanging out with granddaughter Morgan.