At Dallas UMC, our mission is divided into 4 focuses so we can actively assess our progress and impact on our community. We believe God calls us to evolve and grow as a congregation, and these focuses reflect where we are in our faith walk currently.


  • Focus on Mission:

Emphasizing “hands-on” mission work - serving others in the name of Christ - as fundamental to the identity and life of our congregation.


  • Focus on Enhancing Worship:

Identifying and implementing changes that will enhance the quality of our worship experience for existing worshippers and newcomers by utilizing artistic expression, exploring the use of technology, a wider variety of music, and sanctuary modifications.


  • Focus on Children and Families:

Building an excellent ministry with children and their families will be the primary focus for our church in terms of connecting with new people.


  • Focus on Safe Spaces:

Providing safe and functional spaces for doing exceptional ministry, at our church building and wherever we gather.